10 of my go-to makeup products

Although I have tried a range of different makeup products, brands, and crazes, there are a few I just keep coming back to. They may not be for everyone, and depending on your skin type they may not be best for you, but they have worked for me time and time again. Living in such a hot climate, my makeup must be heatproof. However, sometimes no matter how much powder I apply, it does come off eventually. Sometimes it is inevitable. But these products do tend to stay on a little longer for me.

1. Bourjois healthy mix foundation – I find this to be one of the most natural-looking foundations. It doesn’t clog up your pores too heavily and it is brilliant for just a light coverage. It’s not too fantastic at covering acne marks or spots, but it’s great for a natural glow.

bourjois foundation

2. Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage concealer – this is brilliant for any little spot marks you may have. It covers them up instantly. It’s also great for a hot climate as it’s very waxy and stays put all day. Also, if you find your skin gets a little darker over the summer, there are two different shades in each container so you can mix it a little darker depending on the changes in your skin tone.

laura mercier secret camouflage

3. Estee Lauder’s double wear stay-in-place powder – this is great for warmer weather, as it ‘mattifies’ your skin, soaking up the moisture. It doesn’t look too powdery though, and just enough moisture is retained to allow your skin to look natural. You may have to take this with you for touch-ups if, like me, you have oily skin prone to sweating. I have found this to be one of the most natural and durable powders on the market, though it is a tad more expensive than most of your high street brands.

estee lauder powder

4. Revlon’s powder blushes (my favourite is softspoken pink) – these blushes are brilliant for a natural-looking flush without making your skin oily. They are also very light, so you can build them up without looking like you’ve been in the sun too long. I’ve found them to be extremely natural-looking and easy to apply. They’re also affordable and can be found in most chemists and drug stores.

revlon powder blush

5. L’Oreal’s super liner liquid eyeliners – these are brilliant for a quick cat-eye or for thickening up your lash line without smudging. I am the worst at putting on eyeliner. I always manage to make one line far too thick or smudge it all over my eyelid. This, however, is easy to apply. It’s literally just a “draw and go” scenario. Simple. And it stays put really well, which is unusual for liquid liners. It’s just a win win situation!

l'oreal super liner

6. Maybelline’s eyestudio gel liner – this one comes with a brilliant little eyeliner brush, making it far easier to apply. As I said, I’m not too wonderful at applying eyeliner and this one did take a little time to master. It was well worth it though! The results were fantastic. This one doesn’t stay on for as long as the l’oreal liquid liner, but it is still a great alternative. It’s also a lot more natural-looking (being a gel liner) and doesn’t cost much at all. It’s also great for a sexy smoky eye!

maybelline eye studio gel liner

7. MAC’s cream colour base in ‘Luna’ – this is brilliant for a night out. I tend to apply it to the top of my cheek bones and my brow bones as a highlighter. What’s also great is that you can apply it easily with fingers and it takes no time at all. It also adds a little sparkle to your makeup which is great for night-time. During the day it can look a little unnatural, so I generally only apply a small amount when used during the day. It’s also very dewy and moist, so only apply it to areas that won’t just look oily.

mac cream colour base

8. Maxfactor’s false lash effect mascara – this is by far the best mascara I’ve found. It’s extremely wearable and natural-looking, none of those awful clumps to worry about. It’s also very durable, even the non-waterproof ones, so it’s great for the hot weather. After discovering this gem, I will never wear anything else!

max factor false lash effect

9. Maybelline’s colour sensational lipsticks (I love number 530 in fatal red) – these lipsticks are perfect for a pop of instant colour. They’re so easy to apply as they’re extremely moist and don’t leave your lips cracked. As they are that little bit more dewy, you may have to reapply when out. They’re almost like coloured lip balms because they’re such low-maintanance. Especially if you apply some liner underneath to create a stain (for no. 530, I use MAC’s cherry lip pencil).

maybelline colour sensational lipstick

10. Revlon’s matte lipsticks (I love no. 13 in smoked peach) – these are brilliant for long nights out as they stay put really well. Just create a stain by working it into your lips and it will stay on for hours. As these ones are matte lipsticks, they can be a little drying so make sure your lips are suitably moist before application. I would recommend applying liberal amounts of lip balm or moisturiser 10 minutes prior to application, before removing it and applying the lipstick. That way you will have the durability without the dryness.

revlon matte lipstick

So there you have it, my top ten makeup products for a hot climate, or just in general.

Ta-ta, beautiful!

A x


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