My all-time wardrobe staples

Ah shopping! That wonderful feeling of filling your hands with garment after garment of pure fashion indulgence, and the subsequent emptying of the pockets that ensues. Although there are many items that filter in and out of my wardrobe, there are some that have stood the test of time. My all-time staples. Winter, summer, dinner, picnic, formal, casual. These items are just my ultimate go-to’s :

1. The white shirt – a well-fitting, flattering white shirt can be a lifesaver when suffering from “I don’t know what to wear!” syndrome. I tend to wear it with light denim jeans, a statement necklace and coloured heels for a daytime look or with a block-coloured pencil skirt and black heels at night. Or, for a really casual look, with three-quarter length denim shorts, some gold bracelets and gladiator sandals. Perfect!


2. Denim jeans – now I’m sure I’m not alone with this one. Everyone loves a good pair of denim jeans! I love wearing jeans with a scoop neck top in a deep shade and a bright lip to match. Or with a light, bright, collared t-shirt and ballet flats.


3. Ballet flats – I absolutely love these shoes! They are just so easy to slip on and don’t land you in foot hospital. You can use these babies to say anything you want about you. Like (for a pair of plain black flats) “I care about the way I look but I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror” or (for a pair of embellished, coloured flats) “I’m fun and creative and love to bring life to my wardrobe” or (for a pair of bright red flats) “I love looking great and dressing up is fun but I’m a practical girl and know what’s best for my feet”. There are just so many different colours, styles and looks that you can pretty much get away with wearing them to any occasion.


4. The beige cardigan – well, okay, it doesn’t have to be beige, but I do love me a nice, soft, neutral-coloured cardie. Or sweater (depending on what country you come from). It’s not often that I get to wear these gems because (living in Australia) it’s generally far too hot. But whenever possible I throw one on, over whatever outfit I happen to be donning. They’re comfortable, practical and look fantastic! I generally wear them in winter with a pair of grey pants, a fitted maroon shirt and a wine lip, or in summer with the sleeves rolled up paired with denim shorts and a “baggy” white top with a chunky necklace.


5. The floral dress – winter or summer, the floral dress is always a staple in my wardrobe. It adds colour and vibrancy to any outfit, without the stress of matching together a two-piece ensemble. In summer I wear mine with bohemian-style sandals, aviator sunglasses and a small gold necklace. While in winter I wear it with black tights, ankle boots and a little black hat or flower chain.


6. The black skirt – Just like the white shirt, the black skirt is an easy choice for any outfit. Wear with a blue Breton shirt and ankle boots or with an embellished top and black heels.


7. The scarf – Yes, even in summer. I have so many scarves, it’s almost silly (… almost!). I have woolen ones, floaty floral ones, tassley ones, sequined ones. You name it, I’ve got it! I wear them in three main ways: doubled up and “tied” at the front, looped once around my neck, and draped loose around my neck. Generally this will depend on the scarf and temperature, but I pretty much wear them whichever way I feel most inclined on the particular day. I wear them with dresses, jeans and shirts, skirts and tops, anything really!


8. The black heel – I think it may be time for me to purchase a new pair of black heels because I have worn mine TO DEATH. I wear them everywhere. They’re so comfortable (the ones with the lower heel that is) and look amazing, slimming down my calves instantly. I wear them with black pants and an embellished shirt, or with a simple wrap dress, or even with black shorts and a chambray shirt.


9. The short – Shorts are the perfect casual item for a shopping day, a trip to the beach, or just a stroll through the park. Denim shorts go perfectly with a white t-shirt and flats, and black shorts go well with a collared t-shirt, tights and ankle boots.


10. The jumper – And of course, I couldn’t leave out the beloved jumper! Whether it’s a thick, sparsely-woven wool or a close-knit affair, jumpers are perfect for that extra toasty comfort we all need every now and again. If a piece of clothing could ever give a better hug than a jumper! Doesn’t it just feel like a lovely, warm, friendly embrace? And hugging someone else wearing a jumper … ahhh it’s just too wonderful!



A x


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