Summer Loving

Based in the sunny land of Australia, summer is just around the corner for us here ‘down under’. Being a winter kind of girl (and certainly one who would love nothing more than to have a white Christmas), summertime isn’t always my favourite time of the year. BUT there are some things about summer that just get under my skin and make me smile. Here are a few of the reasons why I love the summer sunshine:

1. The maxi-dress. Now, I have to say, not everyone can pull off this beachy, summer look. But when you get it right, it can look fantastic! I love the fact that you can wear a long, floor-sweeping dress and yet still be dressed casually. I have two maxi-dresses (both black – what can I say, I just love me a black dress!) – the first with spaghetti straps and made with 100% silky polyester, with soft ruffles below the neckline (my “formal” maxi-dress) and one also with spaghetti straps made with 100% cotton, with thin straps across the back (making a square-like pattern on the upper part of the back) and with a thin belt across the waist (my favourite of the two). They’re also fun to accessorize, as you can get away with an obscene amount of jewellery and other accessories due to the understated dark colouring and simple designs of the dresses. And when else can you wear a long dress with sandals or flip-flops (thongs as we call them in Australia – apologies to anyone from the US or UK, for which ‘thong’ means something entirely different!).


2. Sunglasses. Rarely are these sun-protective shields used for their supposed purpose – protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. Oh no, these practical items can now be used as an accessory, statement or fashion masterpiece! I love cat-eye sunglasses for myself, but aviator glasses also work fantastically for some. I can’t even count the number of sunglasses I have ploughed through, but I actually quite enjoy the ‘leaving behind’ of an old pair, as it gives me an excuse to buy new ones. Who needs jewellery when you can accessorize with a dazzling pair of sunglasses?


3. Fruit! Juicy, ripe, plump strawberries with an ice-cold glass of water and a new edition of Vogue. Bliss! Fruit is my OBSESSION in summer. My favourites are: mangoes, kiwi fruit, peaches and pineapples. Fruit salad replaces my morning cup of coffee and bowl of muesli. Fruit juice replaces my cup of tea in the afternoon. Fruit, fruit, fruit all day long! I always did have a sweet tooth.


4. Seafood. Seafood was made for summertime. Lightly-cooked prawns with garlic butter, sprinkled with salt and pepper and laced through a light, summer salad is one of my favourite summer meals. I also love smoked salmon in summer, a wonderful alternative to bacon instead of the traditional bacon and eggs for breakfast. And a prime piece of freshly pan-seared tuna ‘steak’ with a spritz of lemon and served with a large helping of salad is a summer treat that I just can’t resist.


5. Beach hair. You don’t have to be at the beach to get those salt-kissed, effortless beachy waves. Just spray a little salt and water in your hair, ‘scrunch’ from the base of the hair in an upward motion and voila! You have your beachy waves. A quick and easy way to achieve a stylish look.


6. Minimal makeup. Summer is not the time for caking on the foundation and layering up the lipstick. It’s a time for light to no makeup, which is music to the ears of many who spends hours in front of the glass. Just a light layer of bright lipstick (try pink or peach), a curling of the eyelashes and a combing through of the eyebrows is perfectly acceptable in the warmer months. And I just love it!


7. Swimming and sun-baking with friends. Now I don’t mean spending hours doing arduous laps up and down the pool until your skin resembles a prune. I’m talking short escapades into the cool water followed by a ‘drying-off’ period in the summer sun to soak in some vitamin D and build up a nice, healthy tan. This summer ritual is an activity I just can’t miss!


8. Shopping sprees. Now of course, shopping is a ritual conducted all year round! But shopping for a summer wardrobe is always a treat. Away go the beautiful winter coats, scarves and knee-high boots and out pop the shorts, floral dresses and colourful bikinis. I just love the colour and vibrancy of summer clothing, and the combination of Christmas-time and summer colours produces a myriad of festivities, colour, happiness and joy in the shopping centers during the summer months.



A x


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