Sportsgirl University OOTD


University – scary or exciting? Liberating or imprisoning? I haven’t quite made up my mind about it all yet. Only two weeks to go before orientation week, and then … it all begins. I went to get my ID card today – a horrid experience! It doesn’t seem to matter how long you spend on your hair, makeup and various poses, it always seems to turn out all wrong. And today was no exception. If only you could submit your own photo, or at least if they would let you see it before they print it to check if it’s all okay. But no, it’s just one big nasty surprise. Oh well, it’s done now. You may not be surprised to know that I met up with my girls today clad all in Sportsgirl gear. I know, I’m rather pathetic. I just love their clothes so much, and everything I’ve ever bought has proved to be worthy of frequent use. So I shan’t defend myself any more. You may have to get used to seeing a rather extravagant amount of Sportsgirl clothes from me! Oh and apologies for the marks on the shirt, I have no idea what they are but I just noticed them.

This was my outfit for today –






Shirt – Sportsgirl. Skirt – Sportsgirl. Shoes – London Rebel. Bag – Sportsgirl. Necklace – Lovisa. 

Have a lovely week, gorgeous!

A x


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