MAC Paint Pots Review

 MAC paint pots in ‘Camel Coat’ and ‘Quite Natural’:


So I’ve been using these for a couple of months now (my best friend gave them to me at Christmas) and so far, so good! They take a little getting used to I have to say. After having used regular powder eyeshadow throughout my whole makeup-using life, this quick-drying cream-based eyeshadow was a little strange and difficult to use at first. Using my middle fingertip, I gently blended it over my eyelid and that worked well for the ‘Camel Coat’ … not so for the ‘Quite Natural’ shade. I must say I found it quite difficult to blend, it just wouldn’t stay creamy for long enough. Literally within 5 or so seconds it was completely dry. I found it strange to say the least, because the Camel Coat works beautifully, and takes at least 15 seconds to dry, plenty of time for perfect blending.

The price of these little gems is actually very reasonable at $30 a pot when you consider how much use you get out of them. Mine have hardly decreased in size at all and I use Camel Coat every day as my eyeshadow base or as a simple everyday shade.

Although Quite Natural has disappointed me a little, I’ve found ways to work around the ridiculous drying time, and the fact that they stay on all day without creasing even a bit makes up for the small problems I have encountered. I’m excited to try new shades, as they do have some lovely ones (I especially want to try ‘Stormy Pink’).

A x


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