I’ve moved!

Hey guys, so I realise it’s been like two years since my last post BUT I’ve just started up a new blog! Head on over to https://silhouetteclassic.wordpress.com/ for more exciting fashion posts on a FAR more regular basis …


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Winter Finale

me 2
Winter is officially over down here in Australia. Sad really. I do love the cold. Not that we really get much of it over here. But still …
I took some photos about a month ago wearing (surprise, surprise!) almost all black. I bought the boots last winter and I’m afraid I didn’t really get much use out of them this season as it wasn’t really cold enough. Alas, I did get to wear them at least once. This is the second time I will have a crinkled skirt in my posts which is really annoying, so please don’t judge me. I only really noticed it afterwards when I was going through the photos but I just never really think about ironing skirts. Oh well, next time I’ll learn.
And now for my last outfit of the winter. Bring on summer, I say!
ootd 2 ootd 5 ootd 8 ootd 7 ootd 6 ootd 10
Top – Now, Skirt – Sportsgirl, Boots – Target, Bag – Fiorelli, Necklace – Lovisa.

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Winter Monochrome

I have never kept secret my love of simplicity in clothing. My wardrobe does rather resemble a chess board, but that’s just me. I have never been brave enough to delve into the more violent shades, but I would not say that monochrome must always be bland and boring. In fact, it can be very daring. Exciting, even. The textures, the cuts, the fabrics, the details. So many possibilities…

ootd 2 ootd 6 ootd 4 ootd 7 ootd 8

Shirt – Cue, Pants – Jacqui-E, Bag – Sportsgirl.

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My Little Lost Blazer

It’s been so long since my last post! My life has been so hectic recently with uni and everything. Finally, it’s all over and I’m on holidays for a month. Phew! A while ago I took some photos of an outfit I wore out to lunch. It was so long ago, I can’t really remember the circumstances but a cafe catch-up sounds most likely – it’s probably one of my favourite things to do. Since then I have actually lost the jacket. I think I left it behind somewhere. Hopefully, someone somewhere in Brisbane is happily enjoying their life one jacket richer. I only had it for a few weeks, so they got it in perfect condition.

I realise the skirt in these photos looks horribly creased and abused, but I swear this is just how it looks. I have tried ironing it – to no avail. So no judging!

edited 2 edited 3 edited 4 edited 5

Blazer – Portmans, Skirt – Portmans, White T-shirt – French Connection.

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Birthday Wishlist


So I have some serious news … I’m turning 18 in just over a week! In one weeks time, I will legally be an adult citizen of Australia. Cocktails and tattoos here I come! Seriously though, I am considering getting a tattoo on my back saying ‘healthy mind, body, spirit’. What do you think? Too cliché? And I was thinking maybe the ‘mind body spirit’ part in all different “fonts”? Ahh anyway, I still have a while to figure it all out.

Until then, here are my top five birthday wishlist must-haves for 2014 –

1. Versace – Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

versace pour femme

I’ll admit, this is going to be a refill as I have already used every last drop of my bottle. But, this just feels like … me. You know when you find a perfume that’s just completely perfect for you in every way? Well, for me, this is that scent. It just smells magnificent and works so well with my skin. Trust me, it’s pure bliss!

2. ‘Vegan Yum Yum’ by Lauren Ulm

vegan yum yum

Okay, so a bit of a crazy title, but I’ve heard great things about this book and it looks like it’s got some fantastic recipe ideas. And you can never have too many vegan recipe ideas! Eating clean can be pretty tough in a nation obsessed with meat pies, paddlepop ice-creams and huge slabs of steak as the center-piece at every family barbecue…

3. Nike – LunarEclipse 4: Women’s

nike lunareclipse 4

So I don’t really know anything about trainers, but these look pretty comfortable to me. My feet are crying out for some good new shoes for the gym, and the fact that they look great can’t hurt right?

4. Dermalogica – Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

skin resurfacing cleanser

I am a massive fan of Dermalogica, and this beautiful cleanser has been on my list of must-haves for a while. My skin is starting to complain a little over all the Easter chocolate, and I think it’s time for me to give it some love, don’t you?

5. Cue – Jacquard Zip Front Dress


I am absolutely in love with Cue. With almost all of their clothing made in Australia, and working closely with TCFUA to maintain ethical standards, I always feel good about purchasing their goods. And all of the fabrics and cuts are so beautiful, even if they don’t always suit my fuller figure. But I can always find something beautiful to drool over. This leopard lace dress with a flattering fitted bodice, full skirt and tulle lining is rather pricey at $349, but a girl can dream can’t she?

So there you have a few of my birthday picks for 2014 (trust me, that’s not all, I have a list the size of a dictionary…). I actually can’t believe this year has gone so fast. It seems only a few months ago I was organizing my fifties-film inspired birthday picnic with pink macaroons and faux cocktails. Now I’m booking restaurants and sourcing out some actual cocktails for a great night with the girls. Oh my, how time flies!

Have a lovely week, beautiful!

A xx

OOTD: Shopping Day


I wore this outfit out shopping today … and of course now I’m broke. Oh well, there’s nothing I like more than to spend my hard-earned cash on some lovely new outfits! And I bought three pairs of shoes today for an absolute bargain. What a successful day!

Image Image Image Image Image

Eh hem … apologies for the chicken wings in the next photo. I was uhhh trying to “twirl” …

Image Image

Top – Sportsgirl. Skirt – Chicabooti. Bag – Sportsgirl. Shoes – London Rebel. 

A x

Autumn Wishlist

With Autumn (or fall, as some call it) just around the corner for us down in Australia, it’s time for a little Autumn makeover in my closet. Although I still have plenty of cardigans, scarves and woolly jumpers leftover from last season, I always feel that the turn-over from Summer into Autumn is a great opportunity (or perhaps … excuse) for a shopping spree! And here is my wishlist:

1. ASOS: Skater Dress in Pleated Lace –


2. Estee Lauder: Pure Colour Eyeshadow in ‘Hot Cinnamon Shimmer’ –


3. Topshop: Knitted Woven Print Jumper –


4. ZARA: Blouse with Jewel Applique –


5. SABA – Anna Chino Pant:


6. Bardot: Rude Cambon Jacket:


7. Giorgio Armani: Rouge D’Armani Lipstick in ‘400’ –


8. Witchery – Drape Spliced Jacket:


9. Review: Pin Up Skirt –


10. David Lawrence: Cubist Pendant –


A x