Winter Finale

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Winter is officially over down here in Australia. Sad really. I do love the cold. Not that we really get much of it over here. But still …
I took some photos about a month ago wearing (surprise, surprise!) almost all black. I bought the boots last winter and I’m afraid I didn’t really get much use out of them this season as it wasn’t really cold enough. Alas, I did get to wear them at least once. This is the second time I will have a crinkled skirt in my posts which is really annoying, so please don’t judge me. I only really noticed it afterwards when I was going through the photos but I just never really think about ironing skirts. Oh well, next time I’ll learn.
And now for my last outfit of the winter. Bring on summer, I say!
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Top – Now, Skirt – Sportsgirl, Boots – Target, Bag – Fiorelli, Necklace – Lovisa.

A x


Winter Monochrome

I have never kept secret my love of simplicity in clothing. My wardrobe does rather resemble a chess board, but that’s just me. I have never been brave enough to delve into the more violent shades, but I would not say that monochrome must always be bland and boring. In fact, it can be very daring. Exciting, even. The textures, the cuts, the fabrics, the details. So many possibilities…

ootd 2 ootd 6 ootd 4 ootd 7 ootd 8

Shirt – Cue, Pants – Jacqui-E, Bag – Sportsgirl.

A x

OOTD: Shopping Day


I wore this outfit out shopping today … and of course now I’m broke. Oh well, there’s nothing I like more than to spend my hard-earned cash on some lovely new outfits! And I bought three pairs of shoes today for an absolute bargain. What a successful day!

Image Image Image Image Image

Eh hem … apologies for the chicken wings in the next photo. I was uhhh trying to “twirl” …

Image Image

Top – Sportsgirl. Skirt – Chicabooti. Bag – Sportsgirl. Shoes – London Rebel. 

A x